Sunday, April 16, 2006


Girl In Flux

Hi Everyone!

So, you may or may not have noticed that I have been missing for a few weeks (ok, going on two months)...but I can explain! Only, its a totally long and boring story. The upshot is, I have been moving into an amazing house, switched jobs (Got Milk? Not anymore I don't!) and who knows what else. Oh yea, and not cooking. Due to this extended housesitting, and the move, I seriously haven't made a single thing for more than 6 weeks, and I am going out of my MIND. I feel ill just thinking about it! My goodness, it's depressing!

BUT, I have eaten out a lot, and am here to give a quick review of a select few places I have ventured into:

Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas. Room Service was amazing, but outrageously priced (did I need to mention that?) The 1/4 liter of watermelon juice every morning made my mouth smile. The photo over there I took with my phone, needless to say, there was no way to add flash or make it bigger, but hey, you get the idea right? Smoked salmon, strawberries with creme fraiche and the aforementioned watermelon juice...mmmm.

Aqua at the Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas. Superb. I had the potato, leek and truffle soup, the ahi tuna and the most incredible desserts ever. Someone I was with was so uncouth he said he was going to order a pizza after we left because his lamb three ways was "too fancy". My boss also regalled us with stories of how many times her grandmother had been to prison. Had I not been so distracted by the food, I might have wept.

Eat on Sunset - Hollywood. Great service, excellent star spots, disapointing food. Sent back two things and choked down a plate of buttery but bland sashimi that had been drowned in musky truffle oil and overpowered with radish sprouts. Ugly and uninspired. They were also out of Calvados. Dessert on the other hand, was quite delightful.

Luna Park - Los Angeles. I forget how great Luna Park is sometimes! Big salads, excellent soups, fun atmosphere, full bar. Bravo kids, you have a winner.

Campos Tacos - Various Locations. I hadnt set foot in a Campos since high school, and it was like a homecoming. Old school Mexican fast food. Divine.

Cayenne - West Hollywood. Oddly named North African spot with excellent food, slow service and an utterly addictive sweet mint tea.

Clay Pit - Brentwood. Why had I never eaten here before? Utterly charming owner, superior wine list, and an okra dish that was so good I ordered a batch to take home after devouring the dish we were served. Utterly fantastic white table cloth Indian food. I hardly ever eat in that hood, but this is worth the trip for sure.

Wok Express - Sacramento Airport. Vile. Just vile. Should have just stuck with Starbucks.

Juniors - West Los Angeles. Awww. I just love Juniors. My father swore off the place in the early 90's when they redecorated and the prices went up, but me, I"ll always be a fan. Potato pancakes par excellence.

World Cafe - Venice. Happy hour. Hummus was gritty and off, quesidillas were gummy, but oh that $2 pizza and those tasty drinks. Mmm, mmm, good.

OK, my friends, I promise to write more starting next week (when, heaven help me, I will FINALLY be resettled.) but for now, Easter Brunch is calling.



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