Monday, December 12, 2005


A Menu For Hope II

Oh my dear, sweet loyal readers. How I wish I could reach right through this screen and give you all a warm hug today. Why today? Because today, I have to ask something of you. It's not a big something, but it is a something that MEANS something.

As we all know there was a horrifically devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake on October 8th in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. The people who live in the area are still fighting for their lives. Shelter is scarce, the weather is extreme and aid has been slow in coming. While we are here (where ever your "here" may be) millions go without. I know I sound dramatic, but it IS dramatic and needs our attention.

In an effort to do something, food bloggers around the world have gotten together for an event called A Menu For Hope II. We are offering items in a virtual raffle and the cost to you my dears, is $5.00 a ticket. That's right my peaches, five smackeroos and you can win a fab gift (complete list here) from your favorite food blogger AND do something good for humanity. Does that not sound like a deal? It is indeed.

The first item I am donating is something that is near and dear to my heart. A box of the outrageously sinful Jin Patisserie chocolates. (As seen in the photo over there, which I took from their website. Lovely website I might add. Check it out.) Made in fantastically funky, Venice, California by the altogether luminescent Kristy Joo (a graduate of my alma mater, The California Culinary Academy I am proud to say), these exquisite delights are beyond compare.

The 12 piece, 2 pound box of chocolates includes: The de Concubine, Passion fruit, The du Hammum, Mango Kalamansi, Caramel Clove, Cinnamon, Pandan, Chrysanthemum, Lavender, Ginger, Café Rhum, Black Roasted Sesame.

It is a treat worth having.

So what do you do? That's easy my loves. Click here, and donate. Do this before December 27th. Specify in the comments section of your donation form which item you want and then on New Years Day, check back to see if you are the winner.

And now, for the small print: Menu of Hope II, via Just Giving, is raising money for Unicef with funds earmarked for the earthquake victims in the Kashmir region. Each $5 donated gives you one chance to win a prize of your choosing. Just state which on in the 'comment' section of your donation form. You can donate more than $5 of course, each $5 will give you one chance at one prize. (Yes, you are allowed to specify more than one gifts if you donate more than $5.) Menu of Hope II will not be collecting any money, Just Giving will forward all the money raised directly to Unicef.

I will be adding more donation items in the days to come. Please do take the time and open your hearts and pockets for this worthy cause. Thank you all so much, you are all shining stars in my universe.

And lastly, please visit some of the other fantastic food blogs participating in this important event. Chez Pim, Becks and Posh, Chocolate and Zucchini In Praise of Sardines Gluten Free Girl and many more. They are all offering incredible items and I hope you will take the time to check them out.


Unicef was created by the UN General Assembly on December 11, 1946 to respond to the suffering of children in European countries devastated by World War II. In 1953, UNICEF was made a permanent arm of the UN to address the plight of children in world wide. UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965.

Every day, more than 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes--one child every five seconds

Most of the affected areas are in mountainous regions and access is impeded by landslides that have blocked the roads. An estimated 3.3 million were left homeless in Pakistan. The UN reported that more than 4 million people are directly affected, as winter snows start. Many of them are at risk of dying from cold and the spread of disease. It has been estimated that damages incurred are well over 5 billion US dollars. - Wikipedia


Thanks so much for you help on this campaign. We've raised over $8,000 now! Could you ever believe it?

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