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Los Angeles Food Blogging

According to their very own super-sassy website "The Los Angeles Times, a Tribune Publishing company, is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country." Meaning, they tell a whole lot of people a lot of things on a daily basis. Leading me to believe they are all about getting the scoop first. Yet, so far as I have noticed, and despite coverage from Detroit and Tennessee to Australia, San Francisco and London, they have never once written an article about the Los Angeles based food blogging scene.

Lately this fact has been making me all kinds of pouty. Why? Because I love this city and I always think we could use a little positive PR with the international foodies. We may have a reputation as a place people don't love good food, (or, you know, eat very often) but this really is an amazing, delicious, diverse, food-centric and exciting city with a lot going on and a lot of people who are passionate about it.

So realizing I could take charge (charge!) I thought I would write about L.A. Food Bloggers here, on my own L.A. Food Blog, so you can see what great things people in the City of Angels have to say. The hilarious thing was, after looking around, at the 15 or so current sites (and 5 or so that haven't published in more than three months) that I am familiar with, I spy a problem. So far as I can see the lack of Times coverage could easily be attributed to the fact that at first glance, L.A. Food Bloggers on the whole, seem more like L.A. Restaurant Reviewers than home chefs.

Happily, with (at last official count) eleven-de-three-gazillion places to eat out, that leaves a lot of places yet un-blogged about and plenty-plenty to go around, which is awesome. To those sites, I say thank you (and thank you, and thank you! Yum!)

But wait! There really are lots of kids out there steaming and blanching, grating and reducing, and photographing every hand crafted delight. So without further ado, here is a tiny intro to the bloggers in this, the greatest city on earth (take THAT Topeka, Kansas) who are all about the food, and who thrill me with their culinary ramblings. And now that I have done their homework for them (brazen, aren't I?) perhaps the Times will give a shout out to these sites too for all the world (or at least, the newspaper reading populace of Southern California) to applaud along with us.

Soul Fusion Kitchen - Sylvie always seems to be making real food that real people eat. It is hearty, and down-home, and I always feel as if I pulled up a chair at her table. I don't know how she does it but she gets my mouth watering every time. "A roasty taste worthy of doing again."

Baking Sheet - On this quest to find my people, I came across Nic at Baking Sheet (via the Food Blogger Map) and I am stoked to report she rocks my world with scrumptious baked goods that look so good it is hard to turn away. "Chai spices are delicious and the mango offers a smooth, cooling taste to counter their spiciness. Unfortunately, morning is not a great time for dessert."

Delicious Life - Yes Sarah mostly does witty and charming (primarily Westside) restaurant reviews, but I sense with her new allotment of free time, more cooking will be in her future. The things she has whipped up in the past have not only won accolades, but always inspires. "I took a fork and first tickled the soft and tenuous walnut sprinkled top. The fork pierced deep into the souffle, which first made the faintest of feta sighs."

Fresh Approach Cooking - Oh that Rachael, what a fab-tastic girl. And what a chef! And such great pictures too! A little fluffy, and totally prone to hyperbole, she still has a rockin' good site that captures L.A. like no other (And did I mention she is cheeky? And modest?) "Each and every day you must, you absolutely must, have a meal that reminds you of the transcendence of food."

Delicious! Delicious! - Now this is what I call an L.A. food blog! Super delicious looking food presented as a screenplay. Gimmick or genius? I say, genius. "Caryn grabs a pound of flour from a bag, but it slips in her hands and the soft, white flour explodes all over the counter."

BBQ Junkie - Luis is on a BBQ odyssey out there in the Valley. Check out this awesome site for all your BBQ/grilling/smoking needs. "I made some kalua pig this weekend in my smoker."

Deep End Dining - Eddie is a star and willing to eat some challenging foods. With dignity and respect, he tackles some curious combinations all for us to read (and squirm) along with. While not a cooking blog per se, its also not a restaurant review spot. "These particular black mushrooms were mouth-watering, meaty orbs packed with powerfully earthy and perfumey flavors."

Potential Gold - Another site - written by a chef! I'm swooning! - that I was unaware of until just this second, but have a feeling I am going to love. "The fourth course was sliced Beef Tenderloin on Super Buttery Truffle Mashed Potatoes with Cippolini Onions and a Chantrelle Demi-Glace."

From The Pantry - Ah HA! I did forget someone! Oops. Miss Tanvi is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian who chronicles her attempts at baking, cooking, and making South-Indian foods. "...a few key ingredients, simple method and you have something delicious and hearty."

And that my friends, seems to be it. Pretty amazing group if you ask me. I do wonder though, in a city this size, if I forgot someone. So if you have or know of a food blog in L.A.* that doesn't just focus on reviewing restaurants, let me know! And for anyone I left out, I will certainly revise this and beg for forgiveness. And of course, no matter where you are, if you love food and want to start your own blog, I hope you are encouraged to do so!


* I know there are a few Southern California sites, but I am strictly referring to Los Angeles city proper for no reason other than I feel like it.

OH and reviewers (and some Southern California sites that aren't really in L.A.)? Here is the list I have:

Best of L.A. Chef Kristy Cooking and Baking Daily Gluttony Daily Olive Eating L.A. Hot Dog Spot L.A. Dining L.A. Ritz
Low End Theory Rate a Restaurant So Cal Foodie,
A Spicy Meatball

"Beer brewing company Anheuser-Busch says the company is looking for ways to keep consumers drinking beer as opposed to cocktails or hard spirits. Even though beer drinking has lost some ground in recent years, Anheuser-Busch remains by far the most dominant U.S. beer company. Brewing about 100 million barrels of beer annually, they control roughly 50 percent of the national market share. Second-ranking Miller Brewing Co. controls 19 percent of the market. To keep beer in the forefront, Anheuser-Busch has launched separate marketing campaigns nationally, such as distributing recipe books that encourage bartenders to mix beer cocktails using ingredients like grenadine and tomato juice." -SF

Need some shopping tips? Check out my guest blogger post on the extra-fantastic, uber-sexy, and just plain flashy, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

hi rachael!!

um, yeah, methinks i'll be cookin' a lot more these days. AND trying to teach myself to bake (which i suck at, but try anyway). LOL!

I'm amazed the LA Times missed the boat here. We are more fortunate in NY to have a very savy NY Times food editor who frequently cites blogs for ideas. Julie\ Julia, Julie Powell's blog, was Amanda Hesser's find not too long ago and Julie went on to publish a book after the publicity.

Your blog is great.
Thank you Champurrado! That is sweet of you to say. I just need to clarify that I mean NO disrespect what-so-ever to the Times. I LOVE the Times (and have a little crush on Russ Parsons) I just really do think there is such a great thing going here, I had to point it out...

And Miss S - I have high expectations...
hey rachael - I just just discovered this yesterday. It had some stuff I didn't know or had slipped my mind about Bay Area Food Blogs. Maybe it will help you find a few more in LA. Then maybe you should have a food bloggers meet up!

I *might* be down there on a road trip in the second half of november, in which case we should definitely hook up.
Hey Sam, thanks for that link!

Also, a little birdy told me the Times actually interviewed a few LA Bloggers (I wonder who? Not me! Cheeky pout.)a few months ago for an article that has yet to run. Great news indeed!
the NYtimes interviewed me the other day for the Rachael Ray article and i got cut. Big pout also :(
Now Sam, sure, sure, we all dream of being quoted in the NY Times, but I will hope for your sake that the article they mention you in will be all about YOU and not in some fluff piece about some cabin-dwelling woman who always says "EVOO, extra virgin olive oil" (why say EVOO if you have to clarify every-single-time?) and grins too much. Pffft. You know what? I'll go one better and say my next quest (when my LA Times harrasment-into-complying thing is complete) is to get you that article. I will bombard them with requests until they bend to my will. I see it happening. Im just that optimistic. I feel a little like Letterman trying to get Oprah, but unlike him, I shall prevail! Whooooo--eeeee!!!!

(What can I say, Im tispy.)
Great post, but where exactly are your boundries for Los Angeles proper?
I know of another L.A. food blog:
Or did you include that and I missed it?
Anyway, thanks for showing me some nice food blogs that I had missed!
Ilva! Thank you! I did forget all about Ms. Tanvi at From The Pantry, and have added her accordingly. Gracias!

Big Lu -
I didn't include any OC, Inland Empire, SB, Ventura, Santa Clarita, Palm Desert, etc. blogs. I did link to those least, the ones I know.
Hi Rachael-
Thanks for compiling this list (and including me on it!) I agree that LA food bloggers arents given their due, so Im glad you've taken charge :)
Thanks Rachael for posting this compilation of L.A. Food Blogs. Some I hadn't had the opportunity to visit before. Your kind words are also appreciated. I am so happy that you enjoy my posts.
Hi Rachael. Great idea! I have to say that the lack of coverage crossed my mind as I noticed so many of our blogging buddies share their stories with their local papers.
A few of us should send this post to them. That would be smart.
Anon (Why anon?) - That would make me blush, but if you want to, go on ahead..

Nic - Im glad I wasnt alone in thinking that!
There are alot of "floggers" in the Los Angeles area...

So many to little room in the tummy!
How nice of you to bring together your local community of food bloggers in this post! I'm down the road a bit...San Diego...and our number of bloggers seems to be burgeoning too!
Hi Rachael,

Thanks for mentioning me on your list as well. Like mine for you, your blog is new to me as of just this second as well...for now it is work work work - maybe soon I will get back to really writing again...again, thanks for the mention. (where do you teach?)
Hey Rachael--

I'm a new cook, a new LA resident, and a new blogger, but I am proud to be able to lay claim to all three. Have been a lazy blogger lately, but in about 8 months I've covered some pretty good ground.
Thanks for compiling a great list!
I don't get why the LA times talks about places in NY...weird. I started a blog too on LA sweet spots. Check it out at its pretty sweet!
Hey Rachael and her food bloggers

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