Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Dodger Dogs

In an interesting personality twist -- I love going to baseball games. It’s everything magnificent all wrapped into one event. Sun, food, random cheering, wholesome family fun and, well, baseball. I can even follow the game, which is a bonus. Must be something left over from childhood (so I guess I need to throw in a “Thank You Daddy!”). Not only do I love baseball games, I love going to all the different stadiums. I’ve been to quite a few actually. (If you knew me, this might strike you as odd, since I’m outrageously girly most of the time.)

Of course, the best part is trying all of the astonishingly yummy regional snacks. (And in my case, trying to smuggle in sparkling wine in a can.) In my heart, and on my sleeve I am a Dodgers fan (and a Mets fan, and a Red Sox and Cubs fan. It’s all about spreading the love) but I am also a food lover and therefore willing to admit Candlestick Park, (or whatever its called lately, 3-com or Monster) has the best food of all. (Big food loser? Arlington Stadium. Sorry!) Those garlic fries – sublimely crispy golden fried potato perfection drowned in ¼ cup chopped of garlic that has been swimming in warm oil all day, then topped with salt and parsley --- all I can say is Mmmmmm. They also offer turkey legs and the SUSHI. While not traditional, its fun and you can’t ask for much more on a sunny afternoon. Except for your team to win.

The reigning king of ballpark foodstuffs though is the Dodger Dog, brought to you by the good people of Farmer John. (who offer recipes on their site. Eek?) It’s 12 inches long and 76 grams of hotdoggin’ goodness in a steamed white bun. Lets be honest here kids, the Dodger Dog IS nature’s perfect processed food and right around the fourth inning it becomes the only thing on this green earth worth eating. Nostalgia may be a huge factor in how great it tastes, but I cannot imagine a game without one. Well, one or two. And a pretzel with mustard. ($3.50) And some peanuts. ($5.00) And a few beers ($7.00 for Michelob, $8.00 for Gordon Biersch, in a cup or a plastic bottle) and a huge lemonade. Oh and how do all those things taste? Like overpriced, undersalted processed foods that take you back to a simpler time. Ahhh. That’s the life. Welcome to summer.


According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Los Angeles is second only to New York in the number of pounds of hot dogs purchased on an annual basis — 44.7 million.

Dodger Stadium is the reigning ballpark leader in hot dogs consumed, with 2.2 million sold in a season. Among Major League teams, the Cleveland Indians are a distant second place, with 1.5 million hot dogs sold each season at Jacobs Field.

Dodger Dogs are not kosher, (they are, in fact 100% pork) but there is a group trying to bring a kosher hot dog alternative to Dodger Stadium. To get involved, contact the Lou Barak Memorial Hot Dog Committee at

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Thanks to you I will not pass up an opportunity to enjoy a good baseball game at Candlestick, don't know what it's called either. Not that would pass up a game of baseball any way, just for the fun of it.

If you are ever in Texas you should check out the - they have a Texadelphia IN the stadium, and a HUGE kids play area - you can see both right there behind the outfield.
The Dell Diamond was supposed to be in there. The link still works though.
I had a vegetarian friend when I lived in Chicago who would always smuggle in meatless hot dogs when the Cleveland Indians played Chicago. He'd pop them in a thermos of hot water, order just a bun (no idea how he got away with that) and put on all the toppings at the condiment bar... He got to have his hot dog and eat it too!
I love the idea that he wanted a hotdog at a game so badly he smuggled it in. That's what I call forethought. Kudos to vegetarian ingenuity!
Wow what a gorgeous dress. I hope somebody doesn't miss out on it! Heck I'd go for it if I was getting married.
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I was searching for dog pound info and found this post. I agree totally!

More on Dodger Dogs

Nothing beats a dodger dog, when it comes to a hot dog. I grew up in Southern Cal and going to Dodger games is the thing I miss the most.
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